Greatest Strength And Weakness Essay

Sometimes, what we call weakness is strength, and strength weakness.Is it strong or weak to prevent an enemy from being hurt?Understandably, applicants dread the thought of discussing anything negative within their application.But admissions committees specifically ask you to reveal your weaknesses to assess your fit with the program.

When we have divided ourselves into strength and weakness, and want to excise parts of us, then of course we will be anxious and afraid, will we not?

The task here is to think of situations that spurred you to learn something valuable about yourself.

Try to choose examples from different parts of your life – work, community service, extracurriculars – or maybe even something about your personal background.

Growth is understanding that greater strength also produces greater, not less, weakness. It is as superficial as desiring a person just for the way they look, isn’t it? So that kind of self-love is shallow and narrow, not pure, clear, true.

Perhaps you recognize aspects of yourself even here. We are principled, so we try to be less judgmental. We are compassionate, but easily hurt, so we try to be harder, but lose our compassion. That kind of love, which celebrates only what it thinks is valuable, is narcissistic.

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