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Try to stay focused and avoid including information that is far away from your topic.Clearly, body is the main part of a literature review.The first thing we should do is to give a definition of literature review.It is a short critical analysis of “literature” (researches, articles, books, trustworthy opinions etc.) existing on the topic.However, it is difficult to tell how the body will be structured. However, check our step-by-step guide below how to structure your literature review.The literature review should have an introduction in which you could state a theme of your work and justify the need of reviewing the literature.Let’s figure it out together, why do we need to write a literature review!

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It is logical that before doing your own research work, you need to explore all the sources on the topic and include this information in your paper.

This will help readers to get a complete picture of the topic in their minds.

In your research work you could refer to your opponents and argue about certain points – it will add some value. It usually follows a common pattern “introduction-body-conclusion”. Remember, a literature review is not just a list of sources with description of the content. In a body paragraph you should try to find several major things you will be covering depending on the topic.

Then, you could mention the “gaps” of your topic, explain what aspects of the topic you choose for your paper and why they represent an interest for you as a researcher.

A literature review surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory.

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