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Meeting with your prospective advisor will be important for narrowing and refining the central questions of your project.Since he or she has most likely advised previous dissertations, it's also a good idea to ask your advisor to suggest a model dissertation that you can use to help realistically frame your own topic.You need to justify why your proposed project is both personally meaningful and professionally important.It can be helpful to ask yourself several questions in order to choose a topic: When you are considering possible topics, it's also important to think about who will advise your dissertation.As the saying goes, even if you wrote just a page every day, you would have over 365 pages after a year--that's almost a finished dissertation!Although this timetable is slightly unrealistic, is important for completing your dissertation.Writing a dissertation is a long, challenging process, and many students never manage to complete the task.

Don't put off writing until you have what you consider to be fully formed ideas and chapters--writing even while you're conducting research, for example, will allow you to refine your research questions and begin envisioning how your data will fit together.

Daily writing, no matter how short, will ensure consistent engagement with your dissertation ideas.

Nothing is more difficult--or frustrating--than returning to your project after having spent weeks or months completely away from it.

In order to make your project more manageable, break down your dissertation into workable chunks that could be shared with your writing group or brought to Writing Tutorial Services for feedback.

Set realistic chapter deadlines and meetings with your advisor and establish a policy for dealing with missed deadlines.

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