Hamlet Essay Relationships Education Is The Key To Success Essay

Upon seeing Claudius’s crazy behavior during and following Hamlet’s play, Hamlet realizes that his ghost-father had spoken the truth.

the must-read chef-d’oeuvre, Shakespeare brings to light the connections between members of a family namely Hamlet who is a prince, his late father, his mother Gertrude and his stepfather Claudius.

He is incapable of rationalizing her deeds and he is obsessed by her actions.

Throughout the play Hamlet is in constant conflict with himself.

An appearance of a ghost claiming to be his father, “I am thy father’s spirit”(I.v.14) aggravates his grief, nearly causing him to commit suicide and leaving him deeply disgusted and angered.

Upon speaking with his ghost-father, Hamlet learns that his uncle-stepfather killed Hamlet the King.

Through her relationship with her son Hamlet, Shakespeare paints a picture of betrayal.

The play he chooses to reenact is entitled "The Murder of Gonzago" with a few changes made to accommodate Hamlet’s new lines and actions reflecting Claudius murdering his father.

In the whole book, Hamlet dedicates most of his time and energy trying to take revenge of the death of the king, his father whom he believes was cruelly treated by those he cared for. Hamlet feels that Gertrude hurts the king more by not mourning during the king’s burial.

She instead delights in her new marriage depicting some kind of freedom from oppression that she went through in her former marriage, as the reader can insinuate.

According to Hamlet, his mother betrayed not only his father but also the love and the marriage they shared.

Gertrude’s unrefined actions changes Hamlet’s perception of love towards others.

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