Hamlet Thesis Statements On Betrayal

Gertrude is the mother of Hamlet, who she deeply cares for and loves. In order for Claudius to stay as king he must keep Gertrude happy and pleased.

He accomplishes this by pretending to love Hamlet in front of Gertrude when in reality he wants to kill Hamlet.

Throughout the whole play, Hamlet has been feigning craziness sorrow, they seek to gain favor with Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius, the King.

Both Guildenstern and Rosencrantz agree to Claudius’ request that they spy on Hamlet in order to glean what “unknown afflicts him” (1333).

In the final act of the play Claudius reveals he does not love Gertrude and that his love had been dishonest the whole time. He has a lot of things going through his mind like the death of his father, his love for Ophelia, and his mother who is in love with his father's brother. Due to his madness, Hamlet asked himself "To be or not to be, that is the question." He doesn't know whether he wants to live with his problems, or kill towards all women and their presumed potential for betrayal.

This is shown when Gertrude picks up the poisoned wine glass. The queen’s impetuous remarriage ruined Hamlet’s opinion on womanhood.

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To hamlet the marriage is disrespectful and betrayal but he also feels that no one has given him time to grieve for his father.The worst feeling of pain anyone could feel is when you are betrayed by some who you though loved you.Betrayal is an act of disloyalty and it is violating someone's trust.His mother Gertrude says: "Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted colour off".But he cannot easily get over his , “To a nunnery, go, and / quickly too. Polonius’ worry for Ophelia and Ophelia's betrayal of Hamlet work together to end Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship.He is the type of person that will do anything to get what he wants and everything in his power to stay king.He will do what it takes to get his way, even if that means betraying the person he is supposed to be committed to and love, his wife Gertrude.As the play progresses Hamlet figures out that they were sent by Claudius to spy on him and proceeds to shun them from his life.This marks another life altering event for Hamlet in that he essentially losses two of his childhood friends.The actions of betrayal in the play lead to the hurtful destruction of the characters.Claudius is the king of Denmark, who is a very powerful and assertive man.

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