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The 18th century French philosopher Denis Diderot said that “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.”, and I cam first hand vouch for how true it is. Agencies helping homeless people Homeless people can be encountered in any country of the world. However, unlike many other nations, Americans strive to support people living on the streets, those who are not able to satisfy their basic needs without outside help.

Passion is the driving force of the human soul, and I have experienced it first hand. Being in charge and leading a group of people, is when I come alive, and become enflamed... Organizations focused on providing real assistance (housing, food, and clothing) exist in every region of the country.

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I also took care of my younger sibling all this while – which essentially made me into a stronger person. “Passion for Helping People Admission/Application Essay”, n.d. In this case, the contradiction between the public persona and the private life of Phaedra can clearly be seen: she does not give up her illegitimate love for her stepson Hyppolytus, but would not compromise her stature as a queen and is desperate to keep this passion secret. Without passion for something, life becomes dull and drab. Some people may argue that Phaedra’s effort to keep this passion secret may signal the reign of reason over passion, given that her stature as a queen must never be compromised. However, the insertion of passion in such a life will brim it with energy and power.Word Count: 531 (“Passion for Helping People Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.) Passion for Helping People Admission/Application Essay. The term indicates a strong liking or feelings towards something or someone.Retrieved from (Passion for Helping People Admission/Application Essay) Passion for Helping People Admission/Application Essay. But most people fail to understand that it can also be the driving force behind life.Since my networking is strong and I can easily connect with different types of people and not to forget the thirst of attaining education more and more, I would request the said authorities to consider my admission in the Georgetown University, Washington DC for the Masters Program since I know I can make it big in the Public Relations field once I complete my degree with flying colors.I will be most grateful for the favor thus granted. Passion in Life Passion is an often misunderstood word.This has been the case with my personality as well – I longed to be a mother but due to infertility problem I could not become a mother for 5 long years after marriage.I wanted to choose a career for my own self, right from the very beginning but one should see the positive side of things even in a scenario filled with darkness all round.I know I can bring a change to my life as well as that of my family and for this reason I have decided to take this move.As my father had fallen ill during the 4 years of my education at the undergraduate school, I had to bear a difficult time there.

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