Hermeneutics Research Paper Introduction Philosophy Essay

Singsuriya (2015) provides a comparative analysis of the different ways in which Ricoeurian hermeneutics has been applied to nursing research, focussing specifically on the different orders in which theory can be applied to the analysis of text.

Rennie (2012) provides experiences from two qualitative research projects and from those makes four propositions on hermeneutic theory.

Those studies that do examine the influence of hermeneutics on the research method restrict their discussion to certain stages of the research process.

For example, Robinson and Kerr (2015) and Geanellos (2000) explore the influence of hermeneutics on the analysis of interview transcripts/text.

However, these studies do not examine how a combination of the core concepts of Gadamerian and Ricoeurian hermeneutics can be combined or how these concepts affect the specific research method adopted by researchers.

Hermeneutics is the study of interpretation and how textual interpretation works.

This lesson will help you get your students to grasp the concepts behind hermeneutics as they write essays of their own on various relevant topics.

The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to review the key hermeneutic concepts of philosophers Gadamer and Ricoeur; and second, to share insights from the researcher’s experience of applying Gadamerian and Ricoeurian hermeneutics to an interpretive accounting research project.

The paper draws on the extant literature and the researcher’s own experience using hermeneutics theory in an interpretive accounting research project involving in-depth interviews with organisational managers.

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