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Sports day, called undōkai (運動会) in Japanese, is usually held on a Saturday or Sunday in Japanese schools.

During weeks preceding the sports day, students practice their events which they would like to show their parents and friends, within their class of physical education, which often includes tamaire, performances by the school band and presentations by various school clubs as well as individual and group competitive events.

And we wonder why we lag in international education rankings?

move to the United States from all over the world, for all kinds of reasons.

One notable example is Her Majesty's Civil Service in the UK, which holds a number of departmental sports days.

The United States routinely spends more tax dollars per high-school athlete than per high-school math student—unlike most countries worldwide.

The Olympic Committee is tasked with organizing the large-scale nationwide activities that are held all over Qatar, and include a wide variety of sports such as; football, basketball, tennis, marathons, open walks, as well as regional sports such as camel riding.

Other venues of sports day include Aspire Zone, Katara, The Pearl, among others.

Many parents have expressed anger at being unable to take photographs or videos as souvenirs of these events, and the ban has been criticised by some as a paranoid over-reaction to public concerns about pedophilia and child safety issues. These include games like football, cricket, throw ball, dodge ball, volleyball, track and field, basketball etc.They observe everything in their new country with fresh eyes, including basic features of American life that most of us never stop to consider.One element of our education system consistently surprises them: “Sports are a big deal here,” says Jenny, who moved to America from South Korea with her family in 2011.Schools stage many sports days in which children participate in the sporting events. In schools which use a house system a feature of the school is the competition between the houses; this is especially brought out during sporting events such as an inter-house sports day.Games that are played on school sports days can be wide and varied.These sports days are held between the various houses in a particular school.In India, many traditional games such as Kho-Kho and Kabaddi, March-past are played.These practices, and the sports days themselves, normally take place on the schools' fields, which provide little relief from the heat and sun.Some schools have responded by scheduling their sports days during cooler months and by encouraging their students to drink water regularly.Currently, the event occurs most often in the autumn (September/October), or in the spring (May/June).In primary schools in Hokkaidō, the event is usually held between the later part of May and the earlier part of June.

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