Higher Computing Coursework 2013 Solution

The BLS projected that computer software engineers will see a greater than average employment growth of 17% from 2014-2024.

In May 2015 the Bureau reported the median annual salary of computer software application engineers was ,260 with the top 10% earning 3,710 or more.

Trade magazines and blog sites may also offer insider information about game developer companies, which may prove to be useful knowledge when you try to find open video game tester positions.

Step 2: Get Technical Training Although requirements vary, you may need or benefit from technical training or an undergraduate degree in a technical field.

People who enjoy a career in computer engineering usually have strong analytical skills and are able to focus on many tasks at once.

Because computer engineers must sometimes work with customers and clients, the ability to express computer-related information in layman's terms is also valued.

A computer engineer, also called a software engineer, is responsible for developing, testing and evaluating the software that make our computers work. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that those working in computer engineering generally held a bachelor's degree or higher.

They may help in the development of new computer games and business applications, or even in the design of entirely new operating systems. Bachelor's degrees in software engineering or computer science are a common place to start.

Testers have to verify that every aspect of a game works according to specified plans, which can involve playing the same section of a game numerous times. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for computer programmers in 2015 was ,360.After reviewing plans and operational diagrams from software developers, programmers use specialized tools and programming languages to produce the finished product.They also analyze and test existing products to identify and repair errors.A career in computer engineering is a broad field and offers several alternative career paths.Those interested in working with engineers and developers to create the code for software programs and systems should consider a career in computer programming.Potential degree programs may include computer science, software development, or graphic design.Sometimes employers want video game testers with backgrounds in technology because they need employees who can do more than just test games.Larger companies usually require years of experience in the gaming industry for jobs that test more popular games. Organizations like the American Society for Quality (ASQ) offer certification related to this field.You may also consider earning certification in more technical areas, such as a programming language.To prepare for testing video games, you may want to gain experience with using different platforms and with different video game genres such as such as puzzle games, first-person shooters, multiplayer games, role-playing games, and online games.Each video game genre has a different feel, and video game testers need to know this information to verify that each game they test fits the genre specifications. For example, by reading industry magazines or blogs, you can find out when new games will be released and which games are preferred by certain demographics.

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