Hinduism And Buddhism Compare And Contrast Essay

There are nine “great” religions that will be the focus of our discussion, and they include: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam.In respect to the religious nature of each of these religions, there are four main categories that they can be divided into.

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Inevitably, because each man had touched a different part of the elephant (the tusk, the leg, the ear, etc.), they group is in complete disagreement.Hinduism expresses religious pluralism through their central principle view that “many paths lead to the summit.” This view can be shortened to say “many paths, one summit.” Basically, the message is that there is no right or wrong path to the ultimate summit, which is enlightenment.Each path is unique to the person traveling on it, and each person will eventually reach enlightenment.This view is considered pluralistic because it acknowledges that people have different spiritualities, and thus requires different religious truths or “paths” to obtain enlightenment.Jainism expresses religious pluralism best through its analogy of “the six blind men and the elephant.” In this analogy, a group of blind men are brought in the presence of an elephant, and then are asked to each touch one part of the elephant.By examining and critically evaluating these likenesses, we are able to accurately construct a succinct typology classifying each religion by their nature and principle concerns.For clarity purposes, this typology will be divided into three main aspects of religion; which include: 1) religious nature, 2) views of God, and 3) principle concerns.The religion that falls under the religious nature of skepticism is Buddhism.Buddhism is categorized under religious skepticism because of the views of its founder, Buddha.While the Tao has a unique set of beliefs on how one can realize the Tao and become one with it, there is no discrimination for any religion that teaches some of the same qualities.For example, in the same way that the Sage of the Tao Te Ching teaches to be just, honest, and humble, the Bible teaches the same principles.

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