History Of Rap Essay

Both rap and folk genres create a catchy rhythm to draw their listeners in and to keep them interested.

To understand where rap music came from, it’s crucial to also understand what rap music is actually considered. Rap’s a delivery style that includes rhyme, rhythm, and spoken language, usually delivered over a beat. Content refers to what’s being said; flow is how it rhymes and its rhythm; delivery is the tone and speed in which it’s spoken.

Phil Ochs once stated, “A protest song is a song that's so specific that you cannot mistake it for sh*t.” Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs are two folk artists that use protest music to express their issues with any political or environmental issues.

In the early 1960s, Pete Seeger was a member of a popular group called The Weavers.

magazine was founded, Hip-Hop was still seen as a passing phase.

Many did not consider that this musical movement would have longevity or amount to anything.

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