Hollywood Camera Work The Master Course

But from a pure camera work and blocking perspective, The Master Course is considerably beyond what is taught in film school.We've heard from countless users that they learned in The Master Course what they thought they would have learned in film school./ Some sections of the course deal with the psychology of body language, which is an integral part of blocking, and determines how actors need to move or stand.He thought that this was a tool that everyone could use, and after a year of animation and editing, it became The Master Course, the first Hollywood Camera Work course. Since then, Per's methods have become the de-facto industry standard, utilized by filmmakers at all levels, from beginners to dozens of Academy Award and Emmy winners.Per has additionally taught Directing seminars around the world, including at Disney, Industrial Light & Magic, and at Weta Digital for the Hobbit animators and VFX crews, the only outside training they've ever brought in.Music videos don't teach much about narrative directing, and actually impose some very bad habits for narrative directing - most music video directors who transition to features never shift the paradigm, and never become very good feature directors.I didn't want to have one hand tied behind my back.

This involved first of all shooting 6-7 short films to train, reverse engineering hundreds of movies etc.The decision-making process for excellent camera work is exactly the same whether you're framing a Panavision camera, or a 3D camera in software.Per Holmes used to be a music producer with platinum-selling acts, Grammys and a World Music Award to his name.But the course is primarily concerned with telling an effective visual story, and how to bring out emotions and meaning with the camera work, and does not deal with crafting acting performances as such. One note: Without good blocking skills, it's very (very) hard to concentrate on the actors.This often leaves us with an unfortunate choice: to work with the actors, or to do camera work.The Master Course is not a general course in film production, but a master class in the single -- and crucial -- discipline of camera work.Film school provides a general education in a production environment, and the course does not aim or claim to do that.Using the music industry as a springboard to transition into high-budget music videos, he realized that he was better at narrative filmmaking, and set out to train himself "properly", including really learning the language of camera work.Not finding any good training, he spent years cracking the code of camera-blocking, initially just creating a video for himself with everything he felt he had understood.As I found that I was very good with good actors, I turned to directing in 3D, which allowed me to block, shoot and edit 2-3 scenes a day, and thus train camera work many times faster.The reason for this obsession was first of all to create really excellent camera work that means something and has lots of production-value.

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