Holzer Inflammatory Essays

By masking the author of the essays, Holzer allows the viewer to assess ideologies divorced from the personalities that propel them.Jenny Holzer first published her Inflammatory Essays in 1977 — square sheets of colored paper printed in all-cap italics — by pasting them on walls, lamp posts, construction sites, and other open-air arenas of public debate.Jenny Holzer is a Conceptual artist best known for her text-based public art projects.Holzer's work speaks of violence, oppression, sexuality, feminism, power, war and death.Alden Projects on the Lower East Side has responded to the election of Donald J.Trump by presenting Holzer’s Inflammatory Essays, along with Truisms, her series of posters from the same period, more than 100 items in all, in a show called REJOICE!

Here, artists including Jenny Holzer, Guerrilla Girls, Betty Tomkins, Ed Ruscha, DFace and Shepard Fairey present their own take on the word, using it for a wide array of expression, be it political, ironic, poetic, typographic, abstract or conceptual.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was art – though rarely do we conflate the two.

Image and text are largely considered distinct forms that have rendered their application as distinct disciplines.

In a statement provided by the Holzer studio, the Inflammatory Essays are described as “a collection of 100-word texts that were printed on colored paper and posted throughout New York City.

Like any manifesto, the voice in each essay urges and espouses a strong and particular ideology.

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