Home Party Plan Business Opportunities

Most companies ask their representatives to be honest and clear about what the business involves, but overzealous representatives often promote direct sale as a get-rich scheme.

In reality, success in direct sales, as in all home business, comes from having an interest and excitement about the business.

Be sure to read the rules on marketing, as some companies have limits on what you can do.

With that said, with today’s technology, you can be creative.

Here are 16 great companies to consider in several categories.

Many scammers and schemers use a direct sales model, but don’t have a product or service, or one of real worth, making them a quasi-Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Receive tips, tricks, and a list of ideal Direct Sales Companies for WAHM's.

It's a party at your home--or better yet, at someone else's. Direct sellers are hawking everything from organic gardening supplies to wine. And the numbers are growing, according to Amy Robinson of the Direct Selling Association in Washington, DC.

Tealightful Tea – If you like tea, especially custom hand-crafted blends using fresh organic teas, herbs, spices and botonicals, you might want to consider Tealightful Tea. The Cocoa Exchange offers chocolate brands of Dove, Pure Dark, and Pod & Bean. It goes without saying that you need to be 21 or older to start this business.

While I can’t find a start date, it is a member of the DSA. Beyond chocolate yum yums, The Cocoa Exchange also sells mixes (brownie, martini), teas, sauces, rubs, and more. Wine Shop – If you’re a wine lover, the Wine Shop can help you start a home business. Beach Body– If you’ve heard of P90X or Shaun T, you’ve heard about Beach Body products.

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