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Homework can be difficult to concentrate on if there are distractions around you.These distractions can lead to improper work, wrong answers and an overall lesser understanding of the subject.Yes, we did say not to micromanage your students during homework time.

This article has over 564,566 views, and 91% of readers who voted found it helpful. Your parents have put the pressure on, or you promised yourself you would do better. If you work to find a focused mindset, establish a study schedule, and choose the right place to study, you can cut out the distractions you have control over and minimize the ones you can't stop completely.Most students don’t focus the entire time they allot to do homework or study.Upwards of 80 percent of students surveyed reported they switch between studying, and digital distractions like social media, texting or television.Gamifying education is another strategy that teachers are employing to reward students for their participation, dedication and progress.Examples include progress stats based on completed homework assignments and test scores, virtual currencies, and “leveling up”.With the problems that technology causes, how can parents ensure their students get the most out of their study sessions?Most of us plug in our headphones and crank up the tunes when we work or study.You don’t have to ban all technology during homework time.You might want to consider investing in a program that limits the use of distracting websites like social media or You Tube during the afternoon.This ‘continuous partial attention’ as it has been dubbed, means students don’t get the most out of their homework or study sessions.Students that spend their time switching between studying and other tasks, have been found to have lower GPAs and test scores than those that focused on homework.

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