Homework Folder Ideas

Homework Folder and Newsletter Template – EDITABLE Do you need an instant homework folder and editable newsletter template?These resources are ready to be printed and mounted before laminating your students’ homework folders for the year.

I dreaded the time it took every week and was always forgetting it since it was not a priority to my instruction.Communication with parents is ESSENTIAL to keep homework organized between school and home and home and school.At the beginning of the year, I send a note home (in the Homework Folder) explaining how homework will be managed at home and school.In order for homework to be organized, you have to have an organizer.I used a folder because it fit easily inside my students’ binders that returned to and from school every week.This way all the homework resources belong in the folder and the folder belongs in their binder.Each student had their own folder with their name on it.Even better, you can check homework quickly because it is always in the same pocket (more on that later)! I usually start with the same Homework Helpers every year…Alphabet Chart, Sight Words, Reading Tools, Phonics, and Reading Log. This is a great way to keep resources available to the parents before they ask for them.I place a strip of packaging tape over these labels, as well. For example, if you have worked with a 100’s chart and there are skills reinforcing this skill in their homework, you can have the add a 100’s chart to their Homework Helper pocket!I also included Reading A-Z readers in the Homework Helpers pocket on a level that the students had mastered.In order for my homework system to work, there must be communication.

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