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And I knew I wasn’t alone in my homework struggles – I’ve never met a teacher who found it easy to get all of their students to do their homework (even though Kinders are usually super enthusiastic learners! Homework can be helpful and fun for our little learners, but there are so many challenges to assigning quality homework and then getting it back.While creating my literacy homework series, I came up with some ways to overcome homework-related obstacles.Local churches and libraries will often hold school supply drives – if you are in need of duplicate supplies to send home, just ask around!Another option is to be selective about the homework assignments that you give, sticking to assignments that don’t require many supplies.I wanted a set of engaging materials – with a lot of different options – that would make it easy for me to assign and differentiate homework for my kiddos.And then, about 9 months ago, I decided that it was finally time to make the set of materials I’d been dreaming of!

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But it still took a good bit of time each week to assemble my weekly homework packet.I’d send home different homework for different students, differentiating assignments based upon their needs.I was going to make homework an enjoyable and productive part of my students’ home lives! My first year teaching Kindergarten, I had an extremely challenging class.Once you know what supplies students do and do not have, you can do several things.First, you can prepare take-home bags of supplies that students leave in their backpacks.and are not necessarily those that you can print off and hand to your child right away. But I think that you’ll find the effort worth it as the activities are hands-on and engaging.The materials I use to prepare and implement the packs are pictured above. Teaching Letter Recognition Sheet This guide shows how to form individual letters correctly.Letter Formation Guide These are worksheets with the alphabet letters, color words, months, days of the week.I’d give out exciting and engaging assignments (never worksheets).I’d provide families with fun learning games that would bring them together.

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