Homework Letter To Parents Essay Writing On My Favourite Teacher

Unfortunately, one issue has been weighing on our family: homework.

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For instance, there was Marissa’s reading journal completed with a strand of spaghetti stuck to its back.

Young children also benefit from having stories read to them that they cannot read themselves. It may be a piece of writing linked to topic work, for example, or it may be writing sentences containing spellings learned that week. Please help your child prepare for these by testing your child in advance.

We ask Junior children to learn times tables for homework. Please help your child prepare for these by testing your child in advace.

At the very least, please consider limiting it to flexible assignments like your current reading requirement.

I want my daughter to continue to build positive associations with school, to be given the freedom to use her time outside its gates to learn through play, and to grow to be independent and capable.

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