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Once you have picked your format, you are ready to start thinking about the categories or criteria you will grade.The two most common criteria to include on a homework rubric are completeness of the assignment and accuracy of the answers.There is so much to grade, especially in regards to homework.You aren't even sure if you should grade homework for accuracy since some students can get help from their parents and others can't.Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.Try it risk-free We'll look at the benefits of using a homework grading rubric in this lesson.If a student completes some of what is required for a 4, but also some of what is required for a 2, the teacher must decide which grade to give.For example, if the work is entirely complete and accurate, but is somewhat illegible, what grade should be given?

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Finally, we will discuss an effective way to use a homework rubric in class. The year has been going well, but you have one issue: grading!

Other factors that teachers commonly list on the rubric include following instructions, on-time completion, and neatness.

Some areas may be more subject specific, such as 'uses all complete sentences' in an English class or 'shows all work' in a math class.

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