How Are House Numbers Assigned Stating The Purpose Of A Thesis Paper

This article is about a detail of history that has become so familiar in our everyday life that we do not even think it could have a history. But like so many things we take for granted, the house number had to be invented and implemented in our day-to-day life; a process that did not take a straight course, but went with many resistances and difficulties.

After a short introduction to recent works published on this topic, I will give an overview of the spreading of house numbering throughout Europe.

Merruau publishing around 1860 a « Report about the Nomenclature of Streets and House Numbering in Paris »7; he was followed recently by Wilfried Matzke, working for the surveyor’s office of the city of Augsburg8, did especially by Bernhard Wittstock (Land Registry of the city of Berlin); Wittstock has published in 2008 a five volume work about the « Berlin House Number in German and European Context » with about 2.500 pages, mainly a compilation of sources concerning the history of house numbering from the beginning to the present, a very useful anthology9.

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On the contrary, its origin can be traced in the border areas of military, treasury and early modern police, in the « dust of events » (Foucault)10, that was not treated in history books until recently.

Après un tour d’horizon sur l’introduction du numérotage de maisons en Europe, l’article traite des différents systèmes utilisés pour le numérotage (numérotage dans l’ordre des localités entières ou par district, numérotage des pâtés de maisons, numérotage des rues selon le système du « fer à cheval » ou le système pair/impair).

Il ne fut pas facile de faire accepter l’idée d’une différence entre le numéro (celui de la maison) et l’adresse.

Beside my own work focussing on the introduction of house numbering in the Habsburg Monarchy1, Vincent Denis and Vincent Milliot – following the pioneering work of Jeanne Pronteau2 – were working on the history of house numbering3 in France; in the , the historical geographer Reuben S.

Rose-Redwood has dealt with the different systems, sharing with me – a foucauldian perspective4; in Switzerland, Marco Cicchini worked on the history of the police in Geneva mentioning the resistances against house numbering5 and Heike Blumreiter has published a book about the house numbers of the German city of Düsseldorf6.

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