How To Add A Website Citation In A Research Paper How To Write Thesis Statement In Essay

These sources are more reliable and add more value to your paper than sources that are further removed from primary research.For instance, a popular magazine article on junk food addiction might be several steps removed from the original scientific study on which it is loosely based.This often happens because the person has not managed his or her time and has left the paper to the last minute or has struggled with the writing process or the topic.Any of these can lead to desperation and cause the writer to just take someone else’s ideas and take credit for them.As a result, the article may distort, sensationalize, or misinterpret the scientists’ findings.Even if your paper is largely based on primary sources, you may use secondary sources to develop your ideas.

They present a writer’s analysis or interpretation of primary source materials.

Offering a citation gives your readers and other scholars access to your information sources if they wish to follow-up, or find more information on your topic.

In this chapter you are going to learn more about compiling references and citations.

In other cases, a writer may commit accidental plagiarism due to carelessness, haste, or misunderstanding.

For instance, a writer may be unable to provide a complete, accurate citation because of neglecting to record bibliographical information.

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