How To Improve Your Creative Writing

Or what if Prince Charming chose the step sisters over Cinderella, what would she have done to escape?Image prompts, such as photographs, paintings, or a picture in a magazine can be great.Also, note down the best parts of that story, what did you enjoy while reading that book?This can help you to understand the elements of a great story and what to avoid when writing.Games such as cops and robbers or pretending to be a character from your favourite TV show or movie can be really inspirational.You can use our printable Red Riding Hood paper finger puppets to role-play the story of Red Riding Hood!

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When you come home, for each picture you can write an interesting caption to describe it.

You can even try creating a whole story from all your holiday photos!

When writing, try setting yourself some small goals. Once you achieve this goal, give yourself a reward.

If you come across a word you don’t understand, use a dictionary to find its meaning and then practice using it in a sentence to gain a better understanding of that word.

For more ways to get kids reading, check out this cool article.

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