How To Solve Fraction Problems

Today we are going to look at some examples of word problems with fractions.

Although they may seem more difficult, in reality, word problems involving fractions are just as easy as those involving whole numbers.

6/50 would become 3/25 because 2 is the greatest common factor of 6 and 50.

Divide fractions by flipping the second fraction in each equation and turning it in to a multiplication problem. For example, 2/3 divided by 1/9 is changed to 2/3 x 9/1, which equals 18/3.

The more the students practice with fraction, the easier they will become.

Find the least common denominator for a pair of fractions that do not have the same denominator.

Here are some examples and solutions of fraction word problems. The second example shows how blocks can be used to help illustrate the problem. More examples and solutions using the bar modeling method to solve fraction word problems are shown in the videos. Bar Modeling with Fractions Examples: 1) Grace thought that a plane journey would take 7/10 hr but the actual journey took 1/5 hr longer.

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13 – The total number of fruits (13) corresponds to the denominator (the number which expresses the number of total possible parts).

When the numerator is higher than the denominator, you must see how many times the denominator can go in to the numerator. If the denominator does not go in to the numerator an equal amount of times, the remainder can be turned back in to a fraction. Turn mixed numbers into improper fractions by multiplying the whole number with the denominator of the fraction.

Add the numerator to that figure to get the numerator for the improper fraction.

We need to make them the same before we can continue, because we can't add them like that.

So this thing right here is the same thing as 3/5 times-- so this is our 3/5 right here, and instead of a division sign, you want a multiplication sign, and instead of a 1/2, you want to take the reciprocal of 1/2, which would be 2/1-- so times 2/1. And you could think about it with other numbers, but hopefully, that gives you a little bit of an intuition.

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