How To Solve Remainder Problems Famous Antisocial Personality Disorder Case Study

The largest multiple of 5 that is less than 16 is Phil has 31 playing cards.

He wants to deal same number of cards to each of four players.

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Fortunately, you don't "have" to understand the proof of the Theorem; you just need to understand how to You know, from long division of regular numbers, that your remainder (if there is one) has to be smaller than whatever you divided by.

In the figure below we are grouping 14 objects 4 at a time.

Note that we wind up with 3 groups (the quotient) and 2 extra objects (the remainder).

Place this number over the 4 that is inside the division symbol. Place this number below the 4 that is inside the division symbol.

Subtract the resulting number 12 from the dividend 14.

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