How To Write A Autobiography Essay On Yourself Research Paper Articles

Second, make your writing clear and focused, and only include those details essential to your story.

For example, if you're writing about your marriage, do not go onto a tangent about your childhood pet.

When his father died, Baldwin lost all chance of mending the relationship.

By using expressive language, Baldwin not only engages readers, but also helps them become emotionally invested in his loss.

All things were commodities, all people bought and sold…' By writing about his past self, London was able to reflect on his struggles and the horrid conditions forced upon the lower class.

Notice how London dissects his emotions, such as his fear and repulsion when confronted with poverty.

As works of nonfiction, autobiographical essays are expected to be accurate, as well as creative and expressive, so that readers remain interested.

After gaining literary fame, Jack London published an autobiographical essay in which he describes the struggles he faced growing up with no means and lofty ambitions, entitled 'What Life Means to Me', written in 1905. '…I was down in the cellar of society, down in the subterranean depths of misery about which it is neither nice nor proper to speak.

I was in the pit, the abyss, the human cesspool, the shambles and the charnel-house of our civilization.

No one, including my father, seems to have known exactly how old he was, but his mother had been born during slavery. He, along with thousands of other Negroes, came North after 1919 and I was part of that generation which had never seen the landscape of what Negroes sometimes call the Old Country…' In his essay, Baldwin reflected upon his and his father's broken relationship.

Fueled by hatred and paranoia that originated from a dark past, Baldwin's father pushed the writer away.

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