How To Write A Cover Letter For Writing Submission

Let’s begin by talking about some of the most common mistakes one finds in cover letters.

I write this at the tail end of a month-long submission window where my associate editors and I received nearly 640 submissions.

We use the SASE to send you a reply accepting or declining your work, but if you’d like us to return your manuscript to you, we ask that you provide an appropriate-sized envelope with adequate postage and tell us in your cover letter that you would like it returned to you.

If you’d like us to recycle your manuscript, you may indicate that in your cover letter as well.

We love discovering the work of writers at the beginning of their careers.Regarding simultaneous submissions: Since accepts them, it’s not necessary to indicate in your cover letter that your manuscript is a simultaneous submission.We don’t prioritize simultaneous submissions—we read all manuscripts in the order in which we receive them.This isn’t the case with literary journal submissions. We don’t read your cover letter until after we have read your manuscript, so your letter won’t help us decide whether to publish it.Nothing you write in your cover letter is going to get your manuscript read faster or passed on to our editors—although, lengthy, creative cover letters might get you a few eye-rolls from the readers. Here’s an example of a perfectly acceptable, simple cover letter: Dear Editor, Enclosed is my [fiction/nonfiction/poetry] submission “Title of Manuscript.” Thank you for considering it for publication in .Since we don’t look at it until after we’ve read your manuscript, there’s no way for the letter to help or hurt your chances of being published in our journal.We welcome your submissions and look forward to reading your work. I can’t help but think folks are following some bad advice out there, so I wrote a thing that might help.It’s long and it’s a little ranty and cranky (because I’ve seen a of bad cover letters in the last month), but I hope it will also be helpful.But, beyond that, the story is going to sink or swim on its own.However, a bad cover letter is at least as likely–perhaps more likely–to undermine your chances.

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