How To Write A Literature Review Example

The main idea behind using scientific literature is developing a thesis statement with references to publications and researchers. In order to most select sources for literature review conveniently and effectively, pay special attention to: Virtually all above resources have an option of advanced search, which will help you find researched information efficiently.

Literature review writing is a laborious process; it requires a lot of time, an all-out effort, in-depth understanding of the topic, analytical thinking.

The one will have to consecrate information on the research topic collected within your scientific area.

There are no rules on what literature and material to use as sources in your paper.

The popular majority of students use information from latest journal publications, abstracts, and online books that relate to the topic being under study.

Try to fill out the gap with info searched for in other sources.

Working with literature, you should give a good assessment of the source in terms of its relevance, accuracy, and evidence of the author's arguments.

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