How To Write And Publish An Academic Paper

Simply realize that it’s not easy and prepare yourself for rejection in various forms, and in some instances, no feedback at all.

As the adage goes, “if you’re going to do it, do it right.” When you are going to publish an academic paper, firstly be aware of the fact that publishing the results of your work on just any, old journal will do you no good.

Publishing an academic paper means to generate content into an article for a scientific journal.

This is all well and good, but your virtues alone will not guarantee you any success.

This means that several experts will read and assess every text and based on their judgement, the given article will either be published or rejected.

Note that these peers will not even bother to look at anything that does not fit the publisher’s standards, or which shows any formal weaknesses or mistakes. If English is not your mother tongue, don’t despair.

The number of texts offered to publishers every day is enormous.

There is no need for them to bother with any poorly-written content, though the topic itself may look interesting.

All discerning scientific journals choose their articles by peer-review.

You can for instance use professional language polishing and editing to help you along your way.

Every scientific journal has a website where you can find information regarding any other standards required which include for instance, the form in which the abstract is to be written, including various rules you are expected to follow.

If you look through the articles which have been published there before and you recognize a certain affinity to the subject you have to offer, you will know that you’re on the right track. Every scientific journal as well as portal has a ranking in the academic world which is based on its impact-factor – the number of references that the content published there reaches in other works and the media.

If you are planning to publish an article concerning a specialized topic with a small potential audience, then you may forget about the ranking as this is only relevant for subjects with a large academic readership.

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