How To Write Commentary In An Essay

This will be followed by a 6-point model Praxis Core Writing Argumentative Essay, with scorer commentary.Read the opinion stated below:“Advanced degrees have limited usefulness in the job market.Our app works best with the latest versions of the browsers listed below If you're using an outdated or unsupported browser, some features may not work properly.Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer (IE) so it isn't included in the list below.

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One of the key elements in the Schaffer program is what is called the "ratio." Ratio is the amount of Concrete Detail in a paragraph compared to the amount of commentary connected to the CD. The actual ratio for response to literature is 1:2 , which means there must be at least two sentences of Commentary for each sentence of Concrete Detail like so: Note that the ratio is still 1:2 (At least twice as much Commentary as there is Concrete Detail) This sentence should state the main point of the paragraph and be focused on stating a topic and a connected opinion about the topic This sentence is the "what" is happening.

There are one or two commentary sentences in each chunk.

They contain no facts, rather, comments from the paragraph writer about the fact presented in the CD.

Professor positions are, as the statement suggests, “so highly competitive that getting a degree does not ensure employment.” However, a Master’s in a field such as engineering can make someone an exceptionally strong candidate for a top-salary engineering job.

Similarly, MBAs help people get upper management jobs more easily.

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