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The experimental protocol consists of the detailed step-by-step procedures and techniques used during the experiment that are to be reported in the Methods and Materials section.

Many times it is important to do pilot studies to help you get familiar with your experimental system or to improve your experimental design.

If the Introduction is done well, there should be no question in the reader’s mind why and on what basis you have posed a specific hypothesis.: based on an initial observation (e.g., “I see a lot of guppies close to the shore. Broad questions are not always included in your written text, but are essential for establishing the direction of your research.: key issues, concepts, terminology, and definitions needed to understand the biological rationale for the experiment.

Concisely summarized background information leads to the identification of specific scientific knowledge gaps that still exist.

(e.g., “No studies to date have examined whether guppies do indeed spend more time in shallow water.”): these questions are much more focused than the initial broad question, are specific to the knowledge gap identified, and can be addressed with data.

Performing an investigation just for the sake of adding to our scientific knowledge (“pure or basic science”) is just as important as applied science.

In fact, basic science often provides the foundation for applied studies.: specific prediction(s) that you will test during your experiment.

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