How To Write Your Name In Graffiti On Paper How To Write A Research Paper In A Day

Not in use as much anymore, in some circles its use is considered downright cheesy. Relatively new stainless type of subway car, so named for the bell that rings just before the doors close.

Ding-dongs were preferred because they were so flat.

A cartoon figure (usually, but not necessarily) taken from comic books, TV or popular culture to add humor or emphasis to a piece.

In some pieces, the character takes the place of a letter in the word.

The number on the front of a tip is the catalog number for that model.A getting-up battle is when the writers take a certain area of a city and whichever crew can get up the most in that area within a certain amount of time (say a week to a month), wins.For both kinds of battle, an outside crew or writer judges who is the winner.Many stores and graffiti fanzines sell caps nowadays.Also referred to as “tips” (as in “flare tips” and “thin tips”.) The really big fat caps are sometimes called “softballs” because of the wide and soft-looking spray they produce.-The Ultimate Offense is Writing Over Someone Else’s Work -Anonymity is Important / No Snitching -Communication is Usually to Other Writers; Not to the General Public -Graffiti Is Advertisement (Space Used is Important) “Paradoxically, graffiti, which prides itself in being one of the only true subcultures in so much as its practitioners are in it not for the money but for the fame, could in fact be, a direct result rather than a by-product of advertising, the glaring antithesis to notions of purity and altruism” (Kataras).-Graffiti has Structure “Although the graffiti art community may seem unstructured, it adheres to a stricthierarchy among its writers.They were a quick buff so no one did any full-scale pieces on ding-dongs. Although inept paint application causing unintentional drips is considered the mark of a toy and is wack, stylized drips drawn on letters are acceptable.This style originated early on in New York subway graffiti.The most visible or skilled artists are known as ‘kings’, and iconography of crowns within their work is a reference to the writer’s status.Lesser artists can only gain status by impressing a (‘king’)” (What is street art? -Real Graffiti is Illegal -Real Writers Wouldn’t Deface a Small Business -No Writing on Religious Sanctuaries also in Japanese!

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