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But be careful not to spend too long doing this, I would recommend no more than an hour or two as you want to be spending most of your time on step 3.This is the most important part of the whole process, and it’s all about memorising those vital pieces of evidence for your essays and short answers.This makes finding and learning the information you want a lot easier.You can purchase a membership for your child or friend if you know the subjects and electives they study.Highlight or mark the questions you’re most unprepared for in pink, the questions you’re a little unsure of in orange and the questions you feel good about in green. Now that you’ve identified what you know, it’s time to get on top of what you don’t know as well. Head over to your notes on those topics and start learning.

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This course provides consolidation of the knowledge and skills in the course (including the themes and challenges) and key concepts and terminology.It’s the night before the Legal Exam and you’re probably all going a little stir crazy, right?SO many cases and dates and legislation to remember.Other courses include HSC Legal Studies Preparation (Part 1), HSC Legal Studies Preparation (Part 2) and HSC Legal Studies Preparation (Part 3).By the end of this course, you should be able to:(Aligned to NESA Syllabus Reference Points)HSC Legal Studies students.Check out our schools page or sign up for a free teacher trial to see how it works!We deal with these enquiries individually so feel free to get in contact and we can have a chat about how we can help.All you'll need is their valid email address and a credit card to complete your transaction.If you’re thinking about Atomi for your class, year group or school we have plans that can be customised to suit your needs.There will be a focus on the higher order thinking skills needed to push student achievement into Band 6.The latest developments in the changing legal system in relation to the HSC Legal Studies course will be covered, enabling you to have knowledge about the legal system that is current.

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  1. The final draft of the thesis (defined as the thesis manuscript with content embodying all corrections requested by the committee) should be submitted to the thesis committee sufficiently prior to the date set for the final examination to allow for a rigorous and careful reading of the manuscript by the committee.