Html Help Workshop Cannot Write To The File

In 2002, Microsoft announced some security risks associated with the .CHM format, as well as some security bulletins and patches [1].The most typically obscured part of the process is the first phase.As we mentioned above, in this phase the help content is converted into a CHM file that is suitable for viewing later in phase 2.Ever wondered how Microsoft have implemented Windows XP help?(See figure 1) Ever wondered how how MSDN authors develop their articles?Microsoft ships the Help Workshop with supported versions of Microsoft Windows and makes the tool available for free download.

It is better to use that time in developing new features of your products, but you simply can't sell applications without help files.

Another scenario is when the user is browsing the entire content tree of the CHM file and locates a desired subject and then clicks it.

Several other scenarios do exist as well, like searching for a given topic using any word mentioned inside that topic or using the index of the CHM file to locate the topic related to a given term.

The user can, for example, press F1 while accessing a part of an application.

The help corresponding to this part of the application is retrieved from the CHM file and then is displayed to the user.

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