Human Trafficking In Russia Research Paper

Sex trafficking in the form of prostitution seemed to gain ground during this time as it was an easy route into these cities.The practice now is escape route from economic oppression in the modern Russian state (Buckley, 22).The image projected to the world during this time was a politically and economically unstable regime in dire need of rehabilitation.But the collapse of the Soviet Union left the Russian state weak and showed promise to traffickers internationally of Russia being involved in all aspects of the sex trafficking industry.

Coercion is the most emphasized principle in this practice as it involves persuading an individual to engage in sexual activity with the authority through means of “physical confinement, non-payment for services, withholding of wages and manipulation of debt” (Harroff-Tavel).For the practice in Russia, destination sites include Russia itself (specifically more prosperous cities such as St.Petersburg and Moscow), Northeast and Central Asia, Europe, the US, and the Middle East.For the purposes of sex trafficking, women and children are primarily targeted as they are the most vulnerable. To counter domestic and foreign pressure, Putin instituted an amendment that slightly tightened the Criminal Code for traffickers in 2003.Russia’s consistent negligence of the issue has allowed it to be reclassified as a Tier 3 country (from formerly being on the Tier 2-Watch List in 2013) because of the little progress they’ve made in countering the practice (“Russia”, U. This amendment, though a reflection of progress, was clearly not a sufficient resolution.The desperation that poverty and lack of opportunity ensues leads women to resort to such dehumanizing measures as ways to continue living.Though they engage in the practice, more than 64% of women themselves claim sex trafficking is a “morally unacceptable way for women to work.” (Buckley).(“Russia”, Global slavery index) Russia is unique in that it serves as a source, transit, and destination country whereas countries generally fit under one of these designations.Source countries are those that provide an atmosphere of “poverty, oppression, lack of human rights, lack of social or economic opportunity, dangers from conflict or instability and similar conditions” (Addressing the Root Causes of Sex Trafficking). Transit countries, through which victims travel through to their final destination, are chosen for their weak border controls as well as proximity to the destination sites (“Trafficking Routes).People sought easy ways to gain access to the central cities of Moscow and St.Petersburg that showed promise of a stable income and economic sustenance.

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