Hurricane Essays

(2012) suggested that Long Island is under increased risk of being hit by a hurricane.

Those results showed that sea level rise will likely play a major role in increasing risk in most coastal areas, creating risk where it did not exist before.

On Long Island, damage was estimated at more than half a billion dollars, with around 100,000 homes being severely damaged or destroyed, primarily by the storm surge and waves, and more than 2,000 homes deemed uninhabitable (Blake et al. Prior to Irene, the last major, catastrophic hurricane was the New England Hurricane of 1938, whose economic losses were in excess of all previous hurricanes in that area combined, causing more destruction of property than the destruction caused by any other hurricane in the United States at that time (Tannehill 1938).

In a study of the effects of sea level rise on storm surge risk along the southern shores of Long Island, even before Sandy devastated Long Island in 2012, Shepard et al.

2011) over the North Atlantic Ocean from 1870 through 2012.

2006), combined with a continuing increase in global sea level (IPCC 2007).

Thus, these hazards must be quantified and mitigated to enable resilient utilization of coastal areas threatened by hurricanes.

These patterns, as well as sea surface temperature variations, form the basis for an analysis of the potential role of oceanic and atmospheric predictors.

In order to analyze atmospheric circulation patterns, I calculated the eigenfunctions using an available computer code to analyze the covariance matrix among all points in the pressure grid, covering an area from 2°N to 60°N and 100°W to 30°E.

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