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Using our AD @keepcup earns double the loyalty points!! ♻️ A post shared by ALL DAY (@alldaymia) on Bluestone Lane’s corporate efforts align with policy ones. has also seen policy movement, including a debate last summer over a “latte levy” tax on single-use paper coffee cups; when it failed to pass, Starbucks instituted its own levy at its U. She decided to promote the cafe’s already-existing 10 percent BYOC discount on social media.

In 2018, an Australian parliamentary committee recommended a ban on various single-use items, including coffee cups. She also posted “green” updates on Instagram, including the growing numbers of cups saved and pictures of customers holding their branded mugs and Keep Cups.

(Disclosure: Diamond is also the editor in chief of the food magazine , for which I have written.) “And it kind of horrified me.

Every time I would walk in the back and look at [the shelving] filled with plastic stuff that was being thrown out, I just thought, I’m either going to have to shut this shop down or make some serious changes.” To help stanch the single-use issue, Smith Canteen began promoting its 10 percent “BYOC” (bring your own cup) discount and selling two kinds of reusable cups.

Says Ramos about All Day’s policy, “We give loyalty reward points only to for-here drinks, not to-go.

And if you [get a to-go drink] in one of our Keep Cups, you get double the reward points.” “People are looking to brands like us to lead the way,” said Jai Lott, senior director of strategic projects for Bluestone Lane, which has been using Keep Cups since Bluestone opened its first shop in 2015.

Starbucks alone is responsible for an estimated 6 billion cups around the globe.

While some cafes might have switched to compostables, even composting cups might not be as easy as it seems.

Many of us have one (or several) lingering somewhere in our kitchen cabinets, a freebie emblazoned with an organization’s logo (probably similar to the Queens Library to-go mug congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was recently photographed carrying).

But such so-called travel mugs, with their big size and lack of aesthetic appeal (and the slightly lingering aftertastes they impart), haven’t become habit for most.

When it comes to America’s coffee-drinking culture, paper has persisted. Styrofoam is now universally regarded as damaging and is subject to bans, many people have become less hooked on plastic bags, and 2018 saw the rise of plastic straw bans (and the advent of trendy reusable straws).

One is Stojo, a tall, collapsible silicone cup with a straw.

The other is the Keep Cup, a “barista standard” cup designed by a pair of Australian cafe owners.

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