I Pencil Essay

It humbles even the high and mighty as it reveals the wondrous achievements of individuals whose contributions are coordinated by nothing more than incentives and market prices.

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The pencil imagines all of the gear used in harvesting such large amounts of cedar—saws, axes, ropes, motors, chains, etc.—as well as the unseen manpower needed to forge such tools to begin with—lumberjacks, mill workers, truck drivers, cement pourers, etc. The pencil goes on to document its various physical properties.

The pencil also admits to having no lead at all, but graphite that is mined in Sri Lanka, which presents all kinds of logistical economic implications.

The miners, toolmakers, paper-sack producers, and seemingly unrelated lighthouse keepers who ensure the delivery of shipments of raw materials and finished products alike are listed among the pencil’s kin.

This faith will be confirmed.” Read emphasizes the phenomenon of physical delivery as an example of the kind of freedom needed for the market to flourish.

Mail delivery, a government proposal, is far costlier than the free market transport of oil or gas, for example.

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