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Believe it or not, the types of graphics – including tables and figures – you use in your article factor into the calculation of the ranking of your article.

For example, if you use an image-based graphic (represented by the file types: .tiff, .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, and .psd, to name a few of the most common), the text in that graphic type cannot be "read" and indexed by search engines and therefore cannot be factored into the algorithms used by the search engines.

Consequently, it is advised to use so-called text-based "vector" graphics (most commonly represented as .svg, .ai, .eps, in file types).[note color="#f1f9fc" position="right" width=400 margin=10]Consistent spelling of authors’ last names and initials is important to ensure articles and citations are correctly identified by search engines.[/note]Citations Citations are critical in the academic world, both offline and online.

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Using keyword tools, such as the popular Google Ad Words keyword tool, you can find which keywords are most popular in searches. IEEE PAPER and are separate and independent organisations.IEEE papers can be accessed through the IEEE websites.By optimizing your articles, you guarantee that your articles are indexed and gain a higher ranking in general and academic search engines, such as Google and Google Scholar, Elsevier’s Scirus, Sci Diver, IEEE Xplore, Pub Med , Sci and more.[note color="#f1f9fc" position="right" width=400 margin=10 align="alignright"]Brought to you by Elsevier Biggerbrains This SEO guide is from Biggerbrains, which provides career development resources for early-career researchers.The website has sections on search and discovery, writing and publishing, networking, funding and career planning.Do not compromise your writing and research quality, academic reputation or ethics. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.You must inform everyone in your academic and social networks about it as well.Create a public group for your article or research in any number of places, share links to your abstract or publication on, Linked In, on your website, your academic institution’s profile page, Facebook, Twitter , etc. Retrieved from in the fourth section (Enhancing Visibility and Impact, I explain about some tools which can assist the research to improve their citation index.Based on this information, you can inform your decision of which keywords (and synonyms of those keywords) to use in your article title, sub-heading, description tags, abstract and throughout the main text of your article.Using a strong keyword in your title is better than, for example, only using it in the description tag.

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