Iep Case Study Autism

A nutritionist develops and monitors appropriate feeding plans to address the nutritional needs of the child, as well as other feeding issues such as food preferences, food habits, and sensory issues, among others.

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For a student with ASD, that can include activities such as dressing independently, coping with tactile or sensory issues, participating in social activities, or managing transitions across school and community settings.

In addition to the required multidisciplinary team members listed above, other personnel are often needed to address the individualized needs of the child or student.

Related services personnel—each with discipline-specific expertise beyond that of the classroom or special education teachers—are frequently part of the multidisciplinary team and provide these supports.

There are times when professionals and family members disagree about supports and services that the child will receive.

Listen as Andy and Becky, the parents of a child with ASD, describe their experiences as members of their son’s IEP team (time: ).

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  1. Or if you're a teacher dressing in smart attire to intimidate your students or to affirm your authority, surely by dressing casually the very next day will completely counter your previous attempt?