Imperial College Phd Thesis Online How To Make A Business Plan For A Cafe

A research candidate might also publish material generated from their research in the form of a paper in a journal.

Before requesting a thesis please check whether an electronic copy is available in the Spiral Repository.

Please note: you are required to submit your thesis by your submission deadline, regardless of whether you have been contacted by Registry or not at this stage.

Once you have submitted your thesis, the Registry will ensure that copies are provided to your examiners, in advance of your viva examination.

Z Al-Kharusi, "Pore Scale Characterization of Carbonate Rocks", Ph D Thesis, May (2007) [PDF] Mathieu Jurgawczynski, "Predicting absolute and relative permeabilities of carbonate rocks using image analysis and effective medium theory", Ph D thesis, Feburary (2007) [PDF] Vural Sander Suicmez, "Pore Scale Simulation of three phase flow", Ph D thesis, October (2006) Xavier Lopez, "Pore-Scale Modelling of Non-Newtonian Flow", Ph D thesis, September (2004) [PDF] Hiroshi Okabe, "Pore-Scale Modelling of Carbonates", Phd thesis, June (2004) [PDF] Hassan S.

Behbahani, "Analysis, Scaling and Simulation of Counter-Current Imbibition", Ph D thesis, June (2004) [PDF] Mohammed S.

Tomlinson, University of Salford, 1979 Application of the Finite Element Method to the Vibration Analysis of Axial Flow Turbines G.

Jeyaraj Wilson, 1972 The Effects of Detuning upon the Vibration of Bladed Discs David J.

If a thesis is not available in Spiral you can place a Document Delivery request for a digital copy of the thesis.

You may request a maximum of 4 items from the store at any one time.

The Library has a full set of Imperial Ph D theses.

Idowu, "Pore-Scale Modeling: Stochastic Network Generation and Modeling of Rate Effects in Waterflooding", Ph D thesis, 2009 Ran Qi "Simulation of Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage" (2008) [PDF] Olumide Talabi "Pore Scale simulation of NMR response in porous media" (2008) [PDF] Huiyun Lu "Investigation of Recovery Mechanisms in Fractured Reservoirs" (2007) [PDF] Taha Sochi "Pore-Scale Modeling of Non-Newtonian Flow in Porous Media" (2007) [PDF] Hu Dong, “Micro CT Imaging and Pore Network Extraction”, Ph D thesis, December (2007) [PDF] Matthew E.

Rhodes, "Transport in heterogeneous porous media", Ph D Thesis, September (2007) [PDF] Anwar S.

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