Individual Sports And Team Sports Essay Problem Solving And Critical Thinking

It kind of goes back to two old sayings, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” and “practice makes perfect”.

If you want to get really good at anything, you will have to practice.

Learning a new skill, especially an athletic skill, takes a lot of time, energy and practice.

With that practice, you must work through each skill patiently and persistently until you have mastered it, and then continue using that skill so you won’t lose it.

If the coach or captain call a certain play and you don’t follow directions, the result could result in a loss for your team.Participating in a team sport can increase one’s self esteem.By being part of a team, you will give and receive praise.The same player achieves more with a better supporting cast at Barcelona.No matter your talent level in team sport, you must rely on your teammates.Kids learn to motivate themselves by working through challenging training sessions or dips in performance and results.After all, there's nobody else to hide behind on a bad day, so athletes learn to deal with poor results.There's also a sense of shared responsibility for the outcome, which means that having a bad day isn't the end of the world.Teammates learn to support each other through good games and bad, something that might be most important during a losing streak.With few exceptions, it doesn’t matter which team has the best player, the final result hinges on the entire team.This principle is best exemplified by three-time FIFA player of the year, Lionel Messi, whose club results outperform his national team outcomes.

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