Inductive Vs Deductive Reasoning Essay

Just because a person observes a number of situations in which a pattern exists does not necessarily mean that that pattern is true for all situations. Invalid inductions can many times result in stereotypes, which skew reality due to limited perception or false creation.With inductive reasoning, the purpose of using the approach is to develop or generate a theory; and with this approach it can be much more open to question for the conclusion that is produced because it is a bigger bag than the evidence on which it is based.In the instant of the crystals, the generalization end up being invalid.

Deductive reasoning is based on a more objective scientific reasoning.An etic perspective is the driving force behind reaching such an hypothesis.An etic perspective is a view from an outsider looking in; this outsider or observer makes objective generalizations by scientifically observing and deducing using multiple variables or facts to test a theory.One might hypothesize that “the color of a mineral is determined by its crystal structure. Through deductive reasoning, this can be done — for the purpose of deductive reasoning is to test a hypothesis.Finding other examples to attempt to prove or disprove this hypothesis is the beginning step to reasoning out this hypothesis.Knowledge is constantly being produced, based on assumptions or reasoning.One might see a story in the news of a shark in Southern California that attacks a surfer.Putting together each separate fact provides evidence to support a general statement about the interior angles which results in the inductive reasoning that all triangles are made up of 180°.Rather than using observations and making deductions (general to specific) like with deductive reasoning, many people collect relevant characteristics and attempt to construct bigger principles from it (specific to general) using inductive reasoning.Both inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning can result in a skewed hypothesis due to the inability to test every variable.However, after continuous testing and research hypotheses can be scientifically proven.

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