Innocence Experience Essay

Even though they both are living terrible existences, there is still hope in death. They want an Angel to come save them and bring them to green pastures where everything will be perfect. However, these are two children who are looking forward to their deaths.Accepting one’s fate and greeting it happily is an astonishingly mature mindset that few adults possess.contain parallel poems that contrast innocence and experience.

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Through their deaths, the boys actually regain their innocence because they become “naked & white,” (17) which are symbols of purity and innocence.

These coffins are the chimneys in which they are all condemned to die.

In Tom’s dream, they do indeed die in the chimneys, but in their deaths they are set free.

Tom awakens back in the darkness of reality, but he is “happy & warm” (23).

The poem ends with the sentiment, “If all do their duty, they need not fear harm” (24).

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  1. And your eyes will finally see These wings on your back are just waiting to guide you; The future will soon set you free! If that is what's destined to be Perhaps we'll discover that elusive Bible And then we will finally be free! This cruel thesis, a spiteful angel's litany Will soon soar from the window of your destiny White-hot pathos, a desecrated symphony; Stay true to this and don't betray your memory!