Institute Of Business Forecasting And Planning

This is probably why he’s able to better understand the challenges, as well as, find solutions for what other companies and industries face.

I value his professionalism and always look forward to working with him. LLz Y Qj YBMTWO Want to be the hero of your supply chain? It allows you to have plan B's ready in case of changes to the base plan.

The global demand manager at Nokia China reveals the 3 main scenarios to plan for.

Among other things you'll need to be entrepreneurial, be OK with ambiguity, and be self aware.

Make sure to back up all your assumptions, identify the root cause of the lower forecast, and gain alignment on numbers with Sales ahead of time. TJN73 DUw OZPM "Omnichannel brings chaos into a process that already lacked precision". The latest installment of IBF’s On-Demand video series is here.

Chad Schumacher, Senior Director of Enterprise Analytics, reveals how the Kellogg Company uses analytics and data to transform the forecasting function.

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