Interior Decorating Business Plan

Tracy Trane—CIO Tracy also graduated from University of California at Berkeley in 1992 with honors in Finance.

Tracy worked with Lisa at the homebuilders and saw the opportunity to start her own business.

Based on market stats, designers held about 423,000 jobs in 2003. With this small percentage being self–employed, we are confident our ability to hire qualified staff will be easy in our market.

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Both of the owners of this new design business have been trained and have worked in this sector for a number of years.

After working in home building, making a lot of contacts, Lisa started her own design business.

With her training, Lisa will hire the key staff persons to fill the required roles.

Designers work in a number of different industries, depending on their design specialty.

Most industrial designers, for example, work for engineering or architectural consulting firms or for large corporations.

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