International Essay Writing Competition 2012

The scope of permissible topics is broad, i.e., any aspect of workers’ compensation law.

Students are encouraged to present: a public policy issue; a critique of a leading case or doctrine; or a comment on a statute or the need for a statutory modification.

Be sure to visit a contest’s homepage to confirm the most recent and complete information, guidelines, and deadlines.

To report errors or submit information about new contests, please email the Managing Editor, Kasey Kimball, at [email protected]

Submissions may advocate a position, educate the reader, or analyze one or more cases.

The winning author will receive a 0 cash prize and a one-year ASIL student membership.

The general subject for this year’s competition is any topic related to energy development.

The selected issue(s) should be of contemporary significance with clear relevance to the legal community at large. You may search the database using the below field or click the arrows to sort by column. If a contest deadline has passed, but a new deadline hasn’t yet been announced, the passed deadline is retained in the database for your reference.A contest’s deadline usually occurs at about the same time each year.The paper must pertain to criminal law and/or to criminal procedure, with a particular focus on contemporary issues of concern in the State of California.Papers should be original and follow the citation style of The Blue Book: A Uniform System of Citation.We invite papers on current issues regarding bankruptcy jurisdiction, bankruptcy litigation, or evidence in bankruptcy cases or proceedings.The paper may address business or consumer cases and may include matters such as bankruptcy sales, plan confirmation and other topics that involve jurisdiction, litigation or evidence in the bankruptcy courts.Topical focus should be on FDA regulated industries: food, drugs, animal drugs, biologics, cosmetics, diagnostics, dietary supplements, medical devices, and tobacco.This year’s writing competition encourages a scholarly debate regarding current issues affecting US national security, the Constitution and the First Amendment ....Papers submitted to the Competition must be in Word format and sent by e-mail attachment to each of the Criminal Law Journal co-editors: Anne Perry (Anne. (Decio Rangel, and Lani Biafore ([email protected]).Proposals are invited that address issues of diversity through one of the following categories: Theme 1: Identity and Belonging Theme 2: Education and Learning in a World of Differences Theme 3: Organizational Diversity Theme 4: Community Diversity and Governance This year's contest hypothetical involves questions about a law firm's potential malpractice exposure when it relied upon a third-party vendor to provide document review services for a client, which ultimately resulted in the release of privileged documents Any law or legal issue affecting seniors and/or persons with disabilities, with a specific focus on historically underserved populations.

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