Internet Censorship Thesis

In addition, addition, they are using it to control and monitor internet usage at workplace, as some employers might spend more time on the internet doing other things other than their intended work.This might make the organizations and employers run at loss due to low productivity.This means that, such laws and regulations might also criminalize the sending of indecent materials over the internet.Their have been some laws and regulations which have ensure the protection of minors.Due to the fact that, accessibility and censorship has resulted to ethical issues that have several branches in cyber ethics.

Literature Review Internet Filtering Internet filtering is a phrase that has been used to describe content control software and/or internet censorship.These filtering software contain a massive database of banned sites or words.Though the method attains 100% control, it also ends up blocking useful information that might be very significant to a particular group or as a country as a whole.To some extent, this can be attained first through laws and regulations, and secondly through technical means.By the use of laws and regulations, the governing body might set rules and regulations that burs the use or provision of some materials, all internet users have to abide by the laws or ends up being locked in jail.With such operations, the only command syntax for getting data from a device or even a file other than the standard input, remains to be the input operator.In the same way, sending data to a device or file other than standard output, remains to be the output operator.There are some laws and regulations which might bur some organizations and individuals engaged in internet material provision from receiving certain incentives like funds.In such conditions, such organizations like libraries are forced to install filtering software on their computers.The other way is by the use of technical techniques.In achieving this, governing bodies in some parts world have ensured that they control online contents at the backbone level, that is near the international gateways.

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