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The company clearly lays out its fees for equipment, installation, and service, which is rare in an industry known for hedgey language and hidden fees.And while we literally spent hours looking for other providers’ SLAs, we came across AT&T’s in just a few minutes.There are more than 2,500 total internet providers in the United States, but most businesses will only have access to a handful.The frustrating reality of the industry is that, even by conservative estimates, FCC reports suggest that half the country has no choice when it comes to high-speed ISP providers.

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While this is just an exasperating reality for residential internet users, the stakes are higher for businesses.The best business internet offers reliable connectivity, excellent customer service, and the right bandwidth for your work volume.Provider availability and plans will vary depending on your location, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, we’re here to make things clearer.Verizon’s advertised speeds range from 1 to 940 Mbps overall, though the FCC’s most recent 2016 report showed that Verizon’s actual broadband speeds average 109.47% of what the company advertises.Along with Comcast and Spectrum, Verizon is one of the internet providers that’s most likely to maintain the fastest speeds for your business.But for a small business that only uses the internet to send email and maintain a website, it may make more financial sense to sign up for just 10 Mbps rather than forking out for 100 Mbps.We looked for providers with plans that fit a multitude of business sizes and needs.AT&T came in right behind Verizon for highest customer satisfaction ratings.While the seven providers altogether averaged 3.2/5 with JD Power and 62.4/100 with the ACSI, AT&T was comfortably above average with both.That isn’t exceptional compensation — especially when compared with Century Link, which grants one day’s credit per every half hour of downtime — but the company’s 99.99% expected uptime and 24/7 repair line make us confident that we’ll get the support we need in the event there is an issue.Just keep in mind that if you go with AT&T, you’ll be expected to commit: The 2-year contract charges a hefty 75% of your remaining balance if you switch providers before the contract’s up.

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