Interview Research Paper

When you incorporate original interview data into your writing, you are developing new ideas by using quotations and often sources that no one else has accessed.Drawing from interviews can liven up your writing, ground your big concepts within the specific circumstances of particular individuals, and introduce you to insights you might never have considered on your own.In order to analyze an issue, you need to write about this individual’s background, family, and previous experiences. So I went there [to the retreat] and I really felt that the Lord touched us. Although this example is taken from Godbee’s analysis of a conversation she recorded between a writer Susan and a writing center tutor Kim as opposed to a direct interview she conducted, the attention she pays to language could just as well be applied to information from an interview.In this situation, you’ll weave together information you gained from your interviews with quotations from this person. But the Lord showed me something different, that I can’t live only for work . Kim reinforces Susan’s qualifications: “You’re gonna—you’re the specialist in this area.

On the whole, the vast majority of republican executives did not try to influence the process, and the nationality question was a non-issue in the predominantly ethnically Russian regions.In another US university, the decision to build an interdisciplinary research centre was top-down, initiated by university and funding administrators and initially opposed by most campus laboratory scientists.The building of new interdisciplinary structures is challenging for the existing disciplinary “fiefdoms” (Biologist19) and “silos” (Biologist9 and Biologist12) “where people feel protected and safe” (Biologist19) because they are not required to step outside of their “comfort zones” (Biologist7). In addition to bringing two sources together, in this passage Hutchcroft also strategically incorporates paratextual insight gained from the interview process into his analysis.He uses the former governor’s laughter to showcase an attitude that directly contrasts with what the former bank supervisor says.Even when the Central Bank has acted against those who milked their banks, former bank owners have been known to use personal connections, even up to the Supreme Court, to confound Central Bank discipline.In the following passage, Jane Calvert, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, and Joan Fujimura, a sociology professor at UW-Madison, use this strategy while writing about scientists’ responses to the new and developing field of systems biology.Note that these authors carefully tie quotations to specific anonymized interviewees through parenthetical citations.Additionally, many undergraduate textbooks about research in the social sciences and humanities offer introductions to interviewing.We’ve listed a few great resources to help you learn more.(7) Using information from an interview to support your claim is the primary purpose for incorporating interview data into your writing, but how you do this may change according to your specific intent.In what follows, we explore different models for weaving interview data into your writing and provide examples of what this looks like.

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