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In time, the child will comprehend the meaning of the verbs that describe his actions and will learn to reflect on those actions.

Given the delightful yet often enigmatic characteristics of young children, we learned decades ago that in order to comprehend children we must begin by observing them as they play.It is reasonable to place my golf club on the ball and shovel it forward because I know that the club has to make contact with the ball in order for it to move.So, I place the club in contact with the ball and push it ahead.” What implications does this approach to observation have for our conversations with young children?We suggest you visit Wondering with Children: The Importance of Observation in Early Education George Forman & Ellen Hall Videatives, Inc.Amherst, Massachusetts This paper asserts that through the process of observation, documentation, and interpretation of children's goals, strategies, and theories, teachers gain insight into children's thinking.Instead of showing Toby how to hit the ball correctly, we can address Toby’s thinking.We might say, “You pressed your club against the ball and shoveled it forward.” We deliberately choose to use the verbs, “pressed” and “shoveled” in order to encourage Toby to reflect on his strategies, the procedure he selected to reach his goal.We might say, “It seems like you think the ball will roll faster if you make the incline steeper.” Or we might say, “Do you think you will have more friends if you have crayons?” But then in revisiting an experience with a child, putting that experience into words, we need to go beyond the observed strategies and consider the theories that make those strategies reasonable.Observe not only what he does but also think about what he does not do. To accomplish this goal, the strategy he chooses is first to make contact with the ball by placing the head of his golf club on the ball’s side and then to push the ball forward, using a shoveling action.He does move the club back away from the ball and then swing the club swiftly forward. We could say that Toby needs to develop his ability to hit the ball and encourage him to try again.

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